16 Apple products we can only dream about

Nowadays, everybody seems eager to make an Apple product. These prototypes from independent designers may never appear on shelves at the Apple Store, but they include lots of innovative ideas

16 Apple products we can only dream about next



If you’re going to design an Apple vehicle, it can’t be just a simple box with four wheels. It has to be compact, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Anthony Jannarelly’s iMo concept is all that and more. Designed as a student project at Coventry University in the UK, Jannarelly’s iMo doesn’t just take you places--it can run errands for you.

Apple's urban car of 2024, powered by electricity, seats two passengers comfortably with the option of seating three in a pinch. The iMo is also more than a car, as it has built-in artificial intelligence that enables the vehicle to find its own parking, take the kids to school, and pick you up when you’re done shopping. Check out Jannarelly’s [[xref:http://www.imoconcept.com/|iMo Website|iMo Website]] for more pictures and several clever Apple-style TV ads.

iMo image:Anthony Jannarelly

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16 Apple products we can only dream about

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