The best and worst of Apple in '09

The highs and lows of the year for Apple

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No. 10 Attack of the iPhone clones: 2009 marked the most concerted effort from rival manufacturers to give the iPhone a run for its money. The Palm Pre arrived in late 2009 with a ton of hype and a dossier of former Apple engineers on its roster. It boasted multitouch support which flamed speculation that Apple would sue. It didn't but Apple and Palm did battle it out over the Pre's ability to sync media content from iTunes. Apple would periodically issue an iTunes update, which blocked the Pre, only to have Palm issue a WebOS update shortly thereafter which re-enabled syncing support. As of October, Apple broke the Pre synch again and Palm may have given up. But the Pre still hasn't been much of a threat to iPhone dominance. Nor has the BlackBerry Storm 2. Motorola's Droid, based on Android is getting a lot of attention, but even it has a ways to go before it will make a dent in iPhone's success.

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The best and worst of Apple in '09

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