Top five iPhone accessories for Christmas

Still searching for that Christmas stocking stuffer? Why not consider one of the many iPhone accessories!

  • TDK iVibe iPhone/iPod dock

    RRP: $229.95

    If you live in a unit or small house, chances are you don't have much space to work with. If you've got an iPhone, need a speaker system and have nowhere around the house to put it, why not take a look at [[artnid:320101|TDK's wall-mountable iVibe]] setup? The iVibe is an iPod dock with two flat-panel speakers, a large LCD screen and an alarm clock function. If you’re looking for a slim, wall-mountable dock to use with your iPhone, the TDK iVibe is worth checking out.
  • AliphCom JawBone Prime Bluetooth headset

    RRP: $159

    Though not specifically an iPhone accessory, the style of [[artnid:324558|Aliph's Jawbone Prime]] has often been compared to that of an Apple product. One of the best Bluetooth headsets on the market, the Jawbone Prime combines a stylish and unobtrusive design with excellent noise-cancellation technology — this headset is a delight to use and provides superb sound quality. An ideal match for any iPhone.
  • Kogan Digital Radio with Wi-Fi and iPod/iPhone dock

    RRP: $169

    Digital radio kicked off in Australia in 2009 and local company Kogan Technologies adds iPhone capabilities to the mix with this unit. The [[artnid:319302|Kogan Digital Radio with Wi-Fi and iPod Dock]] is a product that's chock-full of features. It’s not as refined as other digital radios we’ve reviewed, but it’s a great value purchase -- perfect for a Christmas gift!

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  • Still searching for that Christmas stocking stuffer? Why not consider picking up one of the many [[artnid:309245|iPhone|Review: Apple iPhone 3GS]] accessories available?

    From cases, to headphones, to speaker docks, the iPhone has a wide range of accessories available. We've rounded up the top five iPhone accessories just in time for Christmas!

    TomTom car kit for iPhone

    RRP: $159.99

    If you regularly use your iPhone with one of the growing number of turn-by-turn GPS applications available in the app store, then [[artnid:327303|TomTom's car kit for iPhone]] is a must buy. The first car kit mounting solution that also improves GPS reception, the TomTom car kit for iPhone works exactly as intended and provides a secure and practical way to mount your smartphone in the car.
  • Mophie Juice Pack Air

    RRP: $129.95

    One of the biggest criticisms of the iPhone is its poor battery life, with users often left out on the cold if they don't charge regularly. The [[artnid:311852|Mophie Juice Pack Air]] is a hard case with a battery built into it, making it a great option for squeezing some extra life out of any iPhone. Though it adds considerable bulk to the handset, the built-in power switch allows you to turn the battery on and off, so you can use the Juice Pack Air as a regular case and simply flick the switch when your iPhone requires a recharge.
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