2010: Year of the e-reader

Move over, Kindle -- this year promises a slew of devices that will make it easier than ever to digitally consume books. We highlight the latest from CES.

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MSI E-reader/Netbook Concept

Is it an e-reader? Is it a netbook? MSI says that [[xref:http://www.pcworld.com/article/186286/msi_shows_dualscreen_7inch_and_10inch_netbooks.html|its dual-screen tablet concept|MSI Shows Dual-screen 7-inch and 10-inch Netbooks]] can be used as both. Unlike typical e-readers that make use of e-ink displays, MSI's concept uses two LCD panels. This should help keep costs down and will let users view books in full color, but LCDs aren't as easy to read outdoors and cause eye fatigue more easily than e-ink does. MSI doesn't plan to ship any of these under its own brand name, but says that it can product them for any company that wants to sell them at any time, so watch this space.

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2010: Year of the e-reader

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