The nine most overrated games of 2009

Named & shamed: the nine most overrated video games of 2009

The nine most overrated games of 2009 next


2009 sure went by quick, eh readers? It feels like only yesterday that we were sticking the boot into [[artnid:273546|the most overrated games of 2008|The most overrated games of 2008]] (did Grand Theft Auto IV really come out two years ago?) Before we know it, it'll be 2010's turn. We're putting our early bets on Gran Turismo 5, natch -- provided it actually comes out this year. But we digress.

Here are the nine most overrated games of '09 (do you see what we did there? We're such wordsmiths.) While none of these games are bad in the [[artnid:328566|Rogue Warrior|Review: Rogue Warrior]]/[[artnid:265106|Damnation|Review: Damnation]] sense, they were all over-hyped, over-praised or over-bought. This year, we've included the score for each game on the list, as well as what it actually deserved...

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