34 games every Xbox 360 owner must own

From Borderlands to Halo to Mass Effect, GamePro sorts through hundreds of titles to bring you 34 of the best Xbox 360 games

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14 Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins may not win any beauty contents, but underneath the game's surface lies one of the best games to ever hit the Xbox 360. BioWare's spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate gives you the free reign to truly choose your own destiny in a dark fantasy adventure that may surprise you with Hollywood-level voice acting and a truly weighty plot. Depending on your actions, party members will thrive under your leadership, abandon you for greener pastures, or fall in/out of love with your custom-created warrior. Even your character's race can play a part, as NPCs will react to your lineage and actions in context with your social status. An epic tale that spans days and days of gameplay, your war against the Darkspawn will immerse you in a massively detailed world that only BioWare could create.

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