34 games every Xbox 360 owner must own

From Borderlands to Halo to Mass Effect, GamePro sorts through hundreds of titles to bring you 34 of the best Xbox 360 games

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5 Borderlands

Collecting guns and slaying 50-foot tall Rakks is just the tip of the iceberg with Borderlands, one of the most original and unique first-person shooters we've seen in years. As a wandering adventurer on a quest for riches, power, and glory, the journey though the world of Pandora is meant to inspire the greedy treasure hunter deep in every gamer's heart. From the dusty peaks of the Arid Badlands to the wastelands of the Rust Commons, Borderlands has loot under every rock, just waiting to be discovered. Even though you can take the role of the lone wolf, running through a game with a few friends is the best way to play. With each new crew member, you'll encounter bigger enemies, harder missions, and mouthwatering rewards. Borderlands is the pinnacle of co-op gameplay, and the RPG elements alone make it worth multiple playthroughs. Even the best Xbox 360 games have something to learn from Borderlands, and we're eager to see the next frontier.

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