34 games every Xbox 360 owner must own

From Borderlands to Halo to Mass Effect, GamePro sorts through hundreds of titles to bring you 34 of the best Xbox 360 games

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25 Shadow Complex

Shadow Complex has no illusions about its gameplay, with liberally applied amounts of Metroid and Castlevania peppered throughout this impressive DLC title. Layered with a labyrinth of caverns, hidden items galore, and rich graphics powered by the Unreal Engine, Chair Entertainment sought to create the pinnacle 2.5D side-scrolling experience, while throwing in a few healthy doses of shooter action via first and third-person perspective. If you've ever felt restrained by Samus's limited powers in cramped caves, get ready to feel like anything's possible with a grappling hook and a good explosive. In fact, Shadow Complex is worth the price of a full retail disc product, making its value as a downloadable title that much greater.

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