The 28 best Wii games

The most successful console of this generation has games for just about everyone, if you know what to look for.

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24 Boom Blox Bash Party

While the first Boom Blox game proved to be a surprise hit for the Wii, its sequel was expected to repeat the same innovative and groundbreaking experience that reeled in both casual and core gamers. Boom Blox Bash Party, like the previous game in the series, features various levels that task players with knocking down colorful towers of blocks, netting as many points as possible in the process. We're glad that Steven Spielberg was on board to lend his design skills to EA the second time around, and with 400 levels as the icing on the cake, we're hoping to complete each one before the next Boom Blox, which is sure to be another one of the best Wii games around.

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