26 best console games on iPhone

A look at 26 different titles on the iPhone and Android that gamers would consider "real" video games. Familiar franchises and known names that are a little more than the usual casual fare

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NBA Live

NBA Live is generally considered to be the best among the iPhone ports of Electronic Arts' sports games, and for good reason. A simple gesture-based control scheme that revolves around only a virtual stick and two buttons allows for full control of players on the court; pump fakes, passes, blocking, stealing, and even a variety of dunks are possible through a simple flick of a finger. Console veterans will probably find that this iPhone version of their favorite basketball simulator won't completely replace the console version, but EA has probably created the best game possible considering the limitations of the iPhone hardware. The inclusion of classic players like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird only serves to make the App Store variant of this basketball series all the more enticing.

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