The nine most underrated games of 2009

The games you should have bought in 2009

The nine most underrated games of 2009 next


Sometimes, we truly question our readers' ability to comprehend the English language (and not just because we’re semi-literate hacks — although there is that too). When we presented our list [[artnid:332675|of the most overrated games of 2009|The 9 most overrated games of '09]], we explicitly stated that "none of these games are bad, they're just overrated." The hysterical hate-mail we received was therefore unexpected.

Within minutes of the article hitting the Web, scores of irate gamers were demanding our resignation for daring to call Uncharted 2 a bad game (for the record, we never called it bad). Entire forum threads were devoted to our lack of professionalism and deviant sexual habits. It was as if we had spat in the face of a blind orphan amputee and then sat on her dog.

Hopefully, this follow-up article will be a bit less contentious [making fun of blind orphan amputees is probably not the best start — Ed.]. Some of the games on this list were completely overlooked by the buying public. Others were unfairly dismissed by snooty critics (er, including us). A few were overshadowed by a rival in the same genre. Whatever the reason, they all share one thing in common — they should have been bigger hits. Basically, these are the games that you should have been playing in 2009.

We've also included links to our original reviews, and online deals where you can get the games for cheap. Can we all be friends again now?

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