Great headphones for heading back to school or uni

Some of the best headphones if you're heading back to school or uni

  • [[artnid:275262|SoundMAGIC PL-30|Review: SoundMAGIC PL-30 canalphones]]

    Price: $39.95 The SoundMagic PL-30 headphones offer good value for money. They sound quite good, especially given their price tag — if you don't want to shell out for some blue-chip investment headphones consider these headphones.
  • [[Artnid:306861|Sennheiser CX300-II|Review: Sennheiser CX300-II canalphones]]

    Price: $79 For something a little more meaty, check out Sennheiser's CX300-II canalphones, which deliver mid- and low-range frequencies that suit bass-heavy genres like dance. iPhone users might want to check out the [[Artnid:251730|MM 50|Review: Sennheiser MM 50 for iPhone canalphones]] model with an in-line microphone.
  • [[artnid:331999|Sennheiser HD 428|Review: Sennheiser HD 427 headphones]]

    Price: $129.95 Sennheiser's closed HD 428 headphones aren't a great choice for commuting due to their non-collapsible construction and bulky dimensions, but their sound quality is good for the price. We'd happily use these for an audio-related university course like music production.
  • [[Artnid:271355|Sony MDR-XB500|Review: Sony MDR-XB500 headphones]]

    Price: $199 We understand if you don't like the feel of canalphones; after all they're intrusive and many pairs are plain uncomfortable. If you would prefer the hugging feel of full-sized cans on the way to school or university, check out Sony's MDR-XB500. These headphones give you a rounded sound that has a slight emphasis on bass for a lively feel.
  • [[artnid:307071|Logitech Ultimate Ears 700]]

    Price: $399.95 If your parents are wont to reward high marks with extravagant gifts, be sure to add these to your wish list. Any Ultimate Ears earphones will do really, but the UE 700 canalphones are a great example of high quality sound and acoustic noise cancellation in a portable and comfortable package. They are small enough to stash in a jeans pocket, though we have minor concerns about their long-term durability.

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