A closer look at Sony's 3D LED TVs

IPTV, 3D capabilities and intelligent backlighting feature on Sony's newest televisions

  • Sony [[Artnid:337147|announced its 2010 range|Sony's IPTV platform to reach Australia in March, 3D coming in July]] of LCD televisions today, with 10 new series featuring 26 new models expected to reach stores by July. The new TVs employ Sony's "Monolithic Design" philosophy and offer a host of new features, including 3D capabilities, BRAVIA Internet Video and intelligent backlighting. Pricing is yet to be confirmed for the televisions. We've broken down the features by range to show you what you can expect when the models are available.

  • EX700/EX600

    Availability: March/April The low end of the spectrum for Sony LCD televisions is undoubtedly targeted at budget-conscious buyers who don't need fancy 3D technology. You get LED edge-lighting, DLNA compliance, BRAVIA Internet Video and the ability to connect a Wi-Fi adapter. The only differences between these two series are the refresh rate and available sizes. The EX700 comes in 60in, 52in, 46in, 40in and 32in sizes with Motionflow 100Hz motion technology, while the EX600 is only available in the two smallest sizes and has a 50Hz refresh rate.
  • HX900/800

    Available: July Apart from the LX900, Sony will also release two 3D-ready series, the HX900 and HX800. These will technically be able to display 3D content, but will require a separate infrared transmitter to communicate with the glasses, and you will need to glasses as well. Both series offer DLNA compliance, BRAVIA Internet Video (no Widgets) and Wi-Fi networking through an optional accessory. The HX900 differs by offering a 52in model with the six degree tilt and Motionflow Pro 400, which combines a 200Hz refresh rate with Black Frame insertion technology for better motion with 3D content. It is also LED-backlit rather than edge-lit, with the ability to dim and even turn off specific sections of the backlighting for a truly dark image. The HX800 is available in 55in, 46in and 40in sizes without the six degree tilt. It has a 200Hz refresh rate and LED edge-lighting.
  • HX700

    Available: March Sitting at the bottom of the HX range, the HX700 series comes in 55in, 46in and 40in sizes, all with Sony's six degree upward style. It uses CCFL backlighting rather than LED so it's likely to have a lower contrast ratio than the company's more expensive LCD televisions. However, this model still has a 200Hz refresh rate, DLNA compliance and BRAVIA Internet Video, making it a good choice for media streaming.
  • NX700

    Available: March The NX700 is available in 40in and 46in sizes with a six degree tilt in both models. You get all of the features of the NX800, but the refresh rate has been slowed to 100Hz; you still get fluid motion, but not as much.
  • LX900

    Available: July Sony's top-end model, the LX900, is available in 60in and 52in sizes, and brings all of the company's high-end features into one very attractive package. The television is LED edge-lit, has a 200Hz refresh rate and provides wireless networking, DLNA media streaming, as well as BRAVIA Internet Video and BRAVIA Internet Widgets. This means you'll be able to stream standard definition and 720p high definition content from one of 15 available channels, including Yahoo!7, SBS and Billabong. The LX900 is the only series that has 3D capabilities out of the box, so you can watch 3D content as soon as you install your new TV. The LX900 comes with two pairs of custom glasses; pricing for additional glasses is yet to be confirmed. As part of Sony's "Monolithic Design" philosophy, the 52in LX900 tilts upwards at an angle of six degrees. According to Sony, this provides an optimal viewing experience, though the TV will have to be installed on the provided stand on low-lying furniture. Of course, the LX900 is still wall-mountable, though you won't get the claimed advantages of the six degree tilt. Plugging USB flash drives into the TV will also allow you to access MP3 files, JPEG and RAW photos as well as DivX, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 and AVC/AVCHD video formats.
  • NX800

    Available: March The next step rung in Sony's new lineup, the NX800 is also available in 60in and 52in sizes, and is also LED edge-lit. You get DLNA compliance, Wi-Fi, BRAVIA Internet Video and Widgets as well as a 200Hz refresh mode, though without the Motionflow Pro technology found in the higher-end LX900. The 52in model also has the six degree tilt, and you can even purchase an optional display stand that makes the TV as much a part of your furniture as the couches.
  • EX500/EX400

    Availability: February/March Stripped of all home network and Internet connectivity, the EX500 and EX400 budget LCD televisions use CCFL backlighting to display 1080p high-definition content. The EX500 has Motionflow 100Hz refresh rate technology, and is available in 55in, 46in, 40in and 32in sizes. The EX400, however, is only available in a 32in model and refreshes at 50Hz. If you still want to play your own media on these TVs, you're in luck: the built-in USB media player recognises MP3 audio, JPEG and RAW photos as well as DivX, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 and AVC/AVCHD video formats.

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