Zombie protestors infest Sydney to support violent video games

Gamers dress up as zombies to raise awareness about the lack of an R18+ rating for video games in Australia

  • Aussie gamers will dress as zombies next week to raise awareness about the lack of an R18+ rating for video games in Australia.

    The [[xref:!/event.php?eid=276796249249&index=1|protest]] will begin at Hyde Park Fountain on March 27 and lumber through Sydney, informing the public of the need for a higher classification rating, and causing hysteria in others.

    The history of lobbying for an R18+ games classification is long with [[artnid:309045|lobby groups failing for a decade|new]] to convince the Federal Government to introduce the measure.

    Video games are banned from sale in Australia if they exceed the maximum M15+ classification. Gamers and industry advocates say a higher rating will prevent the sale of violent games to minors and allow put Australia's law on par with other countries including the US, the UK and New Zealand. Opponents argue [[artnid:338435|exposure to violent media causes aggression within participants]].

  • Supporters gathered in Sydney for a photoshoot ahead of the second protest to raise awareness about the lack of an R18+ classification. Credit: Aus Gamers United photographer Sage Parker

  • Protesters descended on Sydney in hordes last November to protest against the classification laws, and the then recent ban on the Left for Dead 2 video game. Credit:Kris Ezergailis,

  • Supporters argue what's good for film is good for games. Is Left for Dead 2 more gory than the Dawn of the Dead?

  • Undead gamers deadly serious about censorship.

  • The horde stops for a photoshoot and parades their signs for an R18+ classifcation

  • Artists applied blood in liberal doses.

  • Zombies aren't supposed to smile. Stay in character people!

  • South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson says shoot-em ups teach gamers to be violent. Um...

  • Maybe gory games create love, not violence?

  • Did you hear something?

  • Zombies attack in a mock scene from the Left for Dead titles.

  • He could be out of a Quentin Tarinto film, but you won't see him in video games on Australian shelves.

  • Twisted sister: horror games like the Left for Dead 2 and Bioshock series have become best sellers: despite being initially banned in Australia.

  • The horde lurches along busy George Street, Sydney.

  • Scary as hell - but do games make violent gamers? According to industry surveys, no.

  • The results of the groups deft artists are spectacular

  • A photoshoot kicks-off the march at Sydney's Hyde Park.

  • Lurch: A zombie, obviously a former deckhand from Sydney's Darling Harbour, joins the crawl through Sydney.

  • Props and blood maketh the zombie

  • One zombie gets his lurch on through Sydney CBD.

  • Video game industry associations say the average age of an Australian gamer is 30.

  • This butcher wants to put the chop to video game classification laws.

  • No intersection is safe: Zombies pile-up along a busy crossroad in Sydney's CDB.

  • Zombies trudge into the crowded Sydney CBD.

  • The bemused public stare at the horde.

  • Another scene reminiscent of the Left for Dead series.

  • An artist paints life(lessness) into a protester.

  • Aus Gamers United says the day was a success, although security was "compromised".

  • Zombies take the elevator down to Sydney's Darling Harbour.

  • He doesn't want a ticket: he wants copyright reform.

  • This zombie turns heads as she graces the Sydney CBD,

  • This zombie shows-off the incredible work of volunteer artists.

  • Gamers reinact scenes during a Sydney photoshoot from video games such as Left for Dead.

  • A public devided: some are tickled pink, some shocked...

  • The gamer artists left little to the imagination.

  • These girls aren't after brains: they have a taste for classification reform.

  • One of the artists applies gore paint to a marcher.

  • The gamer horde turns North, towards Sydney's Rocks, to ensure the classification reform message gets through.

  • Now he's seen everything: A driver sees the funny side as zombies lurch toward his car.

  • The incredible, albiet gory, makeup is done by a handful of Aus Gamers United volunteers.

  • Some people can't hide their horror.

  • Many groups claim that games glorify violence, but perhaps gamers could be our best protection, in the event of a genuine zombie invasion?

  • The march a slow pace.

  • Gamers walk the footbridge across the harbour.

  • These guns aren't real?: But these zombies have a taste for classification reform.

  • Gamers meander along Sydney's Darling Harbour foreshore.

  • Zombies swarm the Sydney Aquarium train.

  • Harmless fun? South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson says violent games make violent gamers.

  • Undead gamers invade Sydney's Darling Harbour.

  • Trade workers see the lighter side of the serious issue of censorship.

  • The undead invade Sydney's George Street...

  • Gamers gathered in Newtown, Sydney for the photoshoot last Saturday.

  • Artists create an undead touch to what otherwise could be a scene from Mary Poppins.

  • Hope that this rabbit doesn't visit you at Easter.

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