Top 12 weirdest notebooks

Because 10 just wasn't enough, we look at 12 of the strangest and most outlandish notebooks

  • Because 10 just wasn't enough, we look at 12 of the strangest and most outlandish [[xref:|notebooks|GoodGearGuide notebook news and reviews]]

    12. Wii Laptop

    Turning game systems into [[xref: |laptops]] has long been popular with gaming tragics. This custom built [[artnid: 171518|Nintendo Wii]] laptop by Ben Heckendorn -- or ‘Heck’ as fans like to call him -- has a built-in power supply. Other features include a 7in widescreen display, stereo speakers, Gamecube controller port, and an integrated sensor bar.
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  • 11. Guitar Laptop

    Psychedelic is the word to use here. American Ben Lewry has modded a laptop to fit inside an electric guitar, of all places. It’s called the LCDetar -- which, let’s face it, could have been worse. The laptop inside is synchronised with the guitar to create a music visualisation program which responds to any tunes that are played.
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  • 10. Gold laptop

    This laptop is so blinged-up it would make for an excellent backseat delight for a Pimp My Ride episode. This Rio model is constructed out of Brazilian Rosewood and solid 18 carat gold, but it doesn't end there. The keyboard is laser-etched and gold plated, as are the touchpad and the mouse. It’s a case of look but don’t touch with this one.
    See more at [[xref:|Gizmodo]].
  • 9. Xbox 360 mod

    Ben Heck is widely regarded as the king of turning game consoles into laptops, and this Xbox 360 mod shows why. This project took three months of design and construction. The end result is just a treat, complete with Wi-Fi, USB ports, that glowing green ring we all know and love, and a converged power supply which allows the monitor and gaming system to use only a single power cable out the back. With a weight of 6.4 kilograms, don’t expect to use this one on the go.
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  • 8. Typewriter-top

    This cool-as-a-cucumber mod comes with typewriter keys, a spacebar made from wood, and a Morse code key to tap yourself silly. It weighs 10kg and was created by Japanese designer Nande Motukuruyo.
    See more at [[xref:|Nande Motukuruyo’s blog]].
  • 7. Hummer Laptop

    This 2005 Hummer laptop, created by Itronix Corp -- a supplier of military equipment -- is a tough piece of work. Designed to handle all sorts of rugged conditions, this over-the-top creation comes with Wi-Fi and optional wireless broadband. It’s aimed at Hummer owners — maybe because they would be the only ones crazy enough to purchase it — and you can chose from Yellow, Victory Red, or Pewter Metallic for you personalised Hum-Top.
    See more at [[xref:|Mobilewhack]]
  • 6. Sony VAIO mod

    These guys have modded a Sony VAIO UX490N UMPC into a device that can do almost everything. It’s been amped up technologically, too; the original Core 2 Solo processor has been replaced by a more powerful Intel Core 2 Duo U7700 1.33GHz processor and overclocked to 1.438GHz; a 128GB RunCore Pro IV SSD replaced the original 48GB SSD, and the Intel 3945ABG WiFi card has been swapped for a wireless-N capable Intel 4965AGN card. If that wasn’t enough for you, this modded VAIO is loaded with four operating systems: Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows Vista Business, Windows XP Pro and Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.7 -- just in case you can’t make a decision.
    See more at [[xref:|Micro PC Talk]].
  • 5. Diamond Laptop

    Inlaid with “solid palladium white gold” and with thousands of tiny diamonds -- totalling a monster 80 carats in weight -- encrusted throughout it, not to mention rubies that have been used in the Tulip logos, this laptop will set you back a measly US$336,557.
    See more at [[xref:|Gizmodo]]
  • 4. Million Dollar Laptop

    If you thought the last computer was expensive, just close your gaping mouth for a moment and bear with us. This million dollar piece of work -- yes, you read us right -- is such an exclusive design that the only way to have a proper look at it is by getting an invite from the CEO of [[xref:|Luvaglio]] to check it out on the company’s Web site, where you need a password to enter before having the chance to place a bid on it. It has integrated screen cleaning and a power button created from a “very rare diamond” -- without which the laptop cannot function.
    See more at [[xref:|PocketBurgers]].
  • 3. PlayStation 3 mod

    Ben Heck returns in this countdown with his PS3 laptop. Inside is the original 60GB model. USB ports, stereo speakers and amp, an HDMI connection, a full keyboard and a huge 17in, 720p LCD monitor round out this masterpiece. Despite being thinner than the original console, this creation is much like the Xbox 360 mod -- it weighs in at 7.3kg.
    See more at [[xref:|Gizmodo]]
  • 2. Duke Nukem laptop

    Japanese powerhouses NEC and Takara teamed up for this limited edition notebook that looks like a machine a mad scientist would uses. Underneath it all is a LaVie G type L laptop sporting a 15.4-inch WXGA display, a 1.6GHz AMD Mobile Sempron 3200+ processor, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, an 80-100GB hard drive, and a dual-layer DVD burner. The pièce de résistance is the all-important “Emergency Button” on the side of the notebook, which apparently shuts down the machine in case of unexpected intruders.
    See more at [[xref:|Mobilewhack]].
  • 1. Atari XE 800

    Ben Heck completes the list by proving that nothing can beat a classic. This marvel has it all: an old-school wood panel, an 8-inch screen and a CompactFlash drive to act as a hard disk, a full-sized keyboard.

    See more at [[xref:|Mobilewhack]].
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