In pictures: Modern Warfare fan-made movie

The best shots from Corridor Digital's masterful Modern Warfare movie

  • If you're a die-hard Modern Warfare fan, you've surely seen [[artnid:342377|'Frozen Crossing'|Live-action Modern Warfare-inspired video made for only $210]] by now -- the MW2-inspired live-action short that was made for just US$210. (Pretty impressive, eh?)

    In honour of Corridor Digital's sterling work, we've assembled a slideshow of the most cinematic and creative shots in the movie: something that a quick viewing on YouTube fails to convey. As you can see, the cinematography puts many Hollywood efforts to shame. Imagine what these boys could do with a multi-million dollar budget! Somebody get the Weinsteins on the phone, stat...

  • The short starts off with this flashy intro: an obvious homage to Modern Warfare's iconic mission briefs.

  • The locations are breathtaking, and definitely help bolster the production's meagre budget.

  • The film follows the exploits of two Task Force 141 operatives, code-named Specter and Dust. Specter's skull-like mask is clearly riffing on Ghost from Modern Warfare 2.

  • Our heroes snare an enemy in their sights...

  • Ker-POW! The subtle CGI effects are pretty top-notch.

  • Ghost, er, we mean Specter, admires a crack shot.

  • Apparently, the short was filmed at -20 degrees Fahrenheit (about -29 degree Centigrade) -- no need to add fake CGI breath, then!

  • "Ah, this is the life: just chillin' with my homie in the snow..."

  • "...I hope there are no snipers lurking about, looking to blow our heads off or anything. That would really suck."

  • "Blimey!"

  • "Cor Blimey!"

  • Presumably, the authentic-looking weapons were not part of the alleged $210 budget. Those props look damn expensive.

  • Some of the camera angles are quite inspired.

  • Specter and Dust strike a pose. Yesterday.

  • This is probably our favourite shot in the film. The framing is sublime.

  • The special effects, such as blood and muzzle flare, are better than some low-budget action films.

  • To see the full short in action, [[xref:|check out Corridor Digital's YouTube page]].

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