Mother's Day gift guide: best smartphones for your mum

Why not buy your mum a new smartphone this Mother's Day?

  • The working mum: [[artnid:327877|RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone]]>

    Price: $999 or available on a contract through Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and 3

    If your mum is chained to her job, then RIM's latest flagship BlackBerry Bold 9700 will help her work more efficiently. Though this smartphone doesn't offer anything particularly innovative, it's a sleeker and more compact device than the original Bold, and possesses a vivid, bright display, a much improved optical trackpad and RIM's great e-mail service.
  • The Facebook mum: [[artnid:338220|Motorola DEXT smartphone]]

    Price: Available on a contract through Optus

    Motorola's DEXT smartphone has been designed with teenagers in mind, but if your mum loves social networking services like Facebook and Twitter, she should have a good time using the DEXT. Though it isn't perfect, Motorola deserves plenty of credit for trying something a little different with this Android-based smartphone, and we really like the slide-out QWERTY keyboard.
  • The organised mum: [[artnid:329816|HTC HD2 smartphone]]

    Price: $829 or available on a contract through Telstra

    The HTC HD2 smartphone is by fat the best Windows phone on the market and its excellent user interface should appeal to all, including highly organised mums. The superb construction and gorgeous display combine with HTC's Sense UI to create an excellent user experience — one that your mum will appreciate.
  • It's hard to believe it's that time of the year already, but Mother's Day is fast approaching. A smartphone is an ideal gift for all type of mums and it could make her life a whole lot easier! With this in mind, we run you through our handy guide to some of the best smartphones for every kind of mother!

    The stylish mum: [[artnid:309245|Apple iPhone 3GS]]

    Price: $879 or $1049, or available on a contract through Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, 3 and Virgin Mobile

    Everyone who's anyone has an iPhone these days, so there is no excuse why your mum should be left behind. The iPhone's straightforward and simple to use interface is a key reason why it has enjoyed such phenomenal success. Offering 16GB or 32GB of storage for music, photos and videos, a great mobile browser for Internet access and a wide range of applications through Apple's App Store, the iPhone 3GS remains a smartphone juggernaut.
  • The geeky mum: [[artnid:341433|HTC Desire smartphone]]

    Price: $779 or available on a contract through Telstra

    HTC's Desire is the first Android phone to be released by Telstra, and we think it's the best Android phone — period. A highly impressive design, a customisable user interface and all the features and capabilities of the latest version of Android combine to produce an excellent smartphone that will only get better with software updates. If mum wants the latest and greatest smartphone, then she simply can't go past the HTC Desire.
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