SLIDESHOW: The cutest robots in the world

Sure, someday these machines will band together and take over--but they're so darned cute!

SLIDESHOW: The cutest robots in the world next


Toshiba Wheelie Robot

Not only is this robot cute (it looks sort of like Rosie from The Jetsons), but it's totally practical, too--it has a flat head on which it can carry things. You know, things like food, drinks, and a remote control. Sure, it can't actually pick up those objects (someone will have to place them on its head), but it's one step closer to a world where you never have to get up from your couch.

The Toshiba Wheelie robot sports two wheels, retractable runners on the front and back (to keep it from toppling over and spilling your dinner all over the carpet), stereo cameras, and a laser range finder to prevent it from running into furniture or walls. Its usefulness is limited--all it can really do is carry things from one room to another--but it's still adorable, and I would love to have one. The Wheelie is currently in experimental mode, and is not for sale.

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SLIDESHOW: The cutest robots in the world

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