Top 5: Mobile phone movie madness

We count down the best of the worst mobile phone scenes that have hit the big screen.

  • Pulse

    … because it’s already out. Well kind of anyway. In 2006, a movie called Pulse hit our screens that involves a similar concept to Cell, except possibly a little higher on the BS scale. Basic idea: guy creates a wireless signal that taps into an alternate dimension/parallel universe of the dead that causes everyone to commit suicide. If you pick up your mobile phone and get the virus, you're dead. Big suicidal epidemic ensues. That's Pulse.

    P.S. the guy who directed this movie also directed a Mariah Carey music video. Nice credit to have there.
  • Tomorrow Never Dies

    The Bond franchise is known for its extravagant gadgets from Q, so much so that 007 purists went ape when the MI6 gadgetry mastermind and other clichés were [[xref:| left out of the latest Bond movies]]. But if history can teach us anything, maybe this was for the best. Case in point: Tomorrow Never Dies.
    Pierce Brosnan was the tool for Ericsson's marketing in the 1997 Bond film. Rather than being a typical one-off, disposable gadget like those from prior films, the Ericsson phone just kept coming back to wreak as much havoc as possible. The phone in question doubled as a stun gun, fingerprint scanner and fingerprint mimicking device, lock pick and, last but not least, a remote control featuring a steering pad and front and rear view monitor for a fancy, rocket-equipped BMW.
    Oh, wait! And a screwdriver!
  • The best of the worst

    Finally, enjoy [[xref:|this montage of all the worst]] (but oh-so-common) horror movie mobile phone clichés to grace the screen; from the convenient 'no battery' to do unexplained 'no signal'. Try taking the next horror movie you see seriously after watching this.
  • Cell

    Stephen King may have been scraping the bottom of the barrel (though, to be fair, with a half-century writing career he practically owns the barrel) with his 2006 novel, Cell, in which the US population is attacked by the technology they're so dependent on. Yes, surprise, surprise — mobile phones. A signal sent through mobile phones turns people into zombies who kill all in sight. Now the novel of phone-induced misery is being turned into either a four-hour TV miniseries or a feature film for TV. But you don’t really have to wait to see it...
  • Everyone hates an annoying git in the cinema talking on their mobile phone in the middle of a movie. But even worse than this are some of the ridiculous movie plotlines that feature mobile phones.
    From trans-dimensional, zombifying mobiles to the horror of reception-drowning tunnels, we take a look at the five worst offenders when it comes to shoddy movie premises involving mobile phones.


    Enter Cellular — the story of a damsel-in-distress relying solely on a random stranger to save her and her child from professional killers. She found this makeshift hero haphazardly while tinkering with a smashed phone that called his mobile phone when she reattached a few wires. Oh, and if he hangs up or loses the connection at any point in the movie, he loses her forever and she dies.
    A movie where the main character is glued to a phone because of a few nasty foes; sounds a bit like Phone Booth, the movie where Colin Farrell is pinned down in a phone booth by a sniper, right? Right. That’s because Cellular is written by the [[xref:|same guy]]. Larry Cohen went on to make two more movies in 2008 and 2009 about mobile phones. Someone seems to have a phone fetish.
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