World Cup special: Best DVD recorders and PVRs

Capture the pain and the passion of this year's World Cup with a high-definition PVR

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[[artnid:348489|Telstra T-Box PVR]] (RRP: $299)

The Telstra T-Box PVR is a viable alternative to the TiVo and other set-top box offerings. It comes with a 320GB internal hard drive and two high-definition digital television tuners (just in case you want to record Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper reruns at the same time as the World Cup).

When connected to the Internet via Telstra's BigPond service, the T-Box PVR grants access to seven IPTV channels and BigPond [[artnid:342693|Movies on Demand]]: so you can watch Bend It Like Beckham in-between World Cup matches. Or something.

A smooth and attractive interface makes the device easy to use without any prior experience, and download speeds are suitably zippy. The Telstra T-Box PVR uses 200GB for storing recorded free-to-air television -- the other 120GB is devoted to BigPond Movies downloads. Nonetheless, it has enough memory to record the FIFA World Cup 2010 in its entirety, several times over.

Read our full review of the [[artnid:348489|Telstra T-Box PVR]].

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World Cup special: Best DVD recorders and PVRs

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