Photo forensics: Identifying faked pictures

Recently a family member sent me a set of pictures supposedly showing Mexican headstones with insulting epitaphs

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This picture shows what appears to be an ancient, worn headstone which nonetheless belongs to someone who died in 1997. Something about the lettering set warning bells off in my right brain (pattern recognition) and I realized that the angle of the writing didn't seem to match the angle of the headstone. Using my photo editing tools, I carefully drew a green line exactly crossing the left and right corners of the headstone and then made it thick for better visibility. I then carefully drew thin red lines under each of the lines of text and extended the lines as far as I could to the left and right of the picture on my drawing surface. It looks as if the lettering was pasted onto the picture in a perspective that does not match the position of the vanishing point of the original photo. The the red lines theme to be heading for an intersection that will not include the green line. Once again, faking pictures turns out to be a little more difficult than might be expected.

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Photo forensics: Identifying faked pictures

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