Star Wars video games: A visual history

We recap the last 27 years of video games based on George Lucas's enormously influential Star Wars franchise.

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The space-sim X-Wing not only establishes a now-classic PC franchise but helps make a genre of games popular. Unlike the earlier Wing Commander, X-Wing has a 3D engine. Putting you behind the flight yoke of Rebel Alliance fighters, the game offers missions that aren't based directly on events in the films. Later that year, its expansions, Imperial Pursuit and B-Wing, appear. Rebel Assault, chronicling the adventures of "Rookie One," is Star Wars' first trip into full-motion video and has scenes from the films. Star Wars Chess, a game modeled on PC classic BattleChess, also comes out. Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back continues the franchise's newfound platforming excellence for the SNES.

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