Meet Apple's iPhone 4

Apple has finally unveiled the latest iPhone, dubbed iPhone 4. We take you through all the nuts and bolts of this highly anticipated smartphone!

  • The iPhone 4 has rounded, separated volume controls, and uses a micro-SIM rather than a standard SIM card — it's the same kind of SIM used in the [[artnid:342882|Apple iPad]]. The iPhone 4 comes in 16GB and 32GB versions, just like the current iPhone 3GS.

  • The iPhone 4's rear camera has finally been upgraded to 5 megapixels (from the 3GS' 3 megapixels) and can record 720p high-definition video.

  • Among the big improvements compared to the current iPhone 3GS is what Apple calls a "retina display". The iPhone 4 uses IPS, a high-end LCD technology that has better colour and viewing angles than lower-end LCD screens. The iPhone 4 also has an 800:1 contrast ratio, claimed to be four times better than the current iPhone 3GS.

  • The iPhone 4 is the same phone that was [[artnid:343740|obtained by US blog Gizmodo|Apple iPhone 4 revealed: What do you think?]]. It has a glass-style, flat rear casing and is also thinner than the current [[artnid:309245|iPhone 3GS]]. It will be available in Australia in "late July".

  • iPhone 4 comes with an iPhone version of iMovie, which allows users to edit video clips on the phone. The app will be included on all iPhone 4s, but will cost US$4.99 for iPhone 3GS and [[artnid:252856|iPhone 3G|Review: Apple iPhone 3G]] users.

  • iOS4 will also allow users to group apps in folders, by holding down an app, then dragging it on top of another app.

  • The [[artnid:349244|Apple iPhone 4|Preview: Apple iPhone 4]] was unveiled this morning by Steve Jobs at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference. The iPhone 4 will be 24 per cent thinner than its predecessor at 9.3mm thick, contain a front-facing camera, and offer greatly improved battery performance. We take you through the nuts and bolts of this morning's announcement.

    Steve Jobs described the iPhone 4 as "beyond a doubt, the most precise thing and one of the most beautiful things we've ever made".

  • The iPhone 4's camera now includes an LED flash, and has digital zoom available by sliding a small bar on the screen.

  • The iPhone 4 comes with two cameras: One on the front for video calling, and one on the rear for photos and video. Both cameras can be used with FaceTime, a new video calling application that works over Wi-Fi with two iPhone 4 handsets. Apple says FaceTime will eventually work over a 3G connection, but did not provide a date or timeframe as to when this would be available.

  • The iPhone 4 will ship with iOS4, Apple's latest operating system for the iPhone and the iPad. iOS4 will allow multitasking.

  • The iPhone 4 is compatible with Apple's iBook application, and you will be able to sync between the iPad and iPhone.

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