6 Strange Ways to Make Money Online

Who needs a part-time job when you can get paid for seeking out smut, selling your hair, or sending text messages?

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Being an Online Life Coach

Move over, Tony Robbins: The online life coach has arrived.

Despite its "social media expert"-reminiscent name, the job of online life coach is actually a real paying position -- and one that has some pretty appealing perks, too.

"There's no demand on hours or time zones," says Sara Hecht, director of operations for MyPrivateCoach.com. "You coach clients according to your schedule and your preferences, and you're very free to create your own structure within the program."

The program could be anything from weight loss to business development. There are also slightly more saucy subjects -- things like love, sex, and online dating success.

Getting a gig as an online life coach isn't necessarily easy. Most of the reputable sites require some type of relevant training in your area of expertise; some, including MyPrivateCoach.com, offer their own in-site training programs if you need a helping hand.

Would you expect anything less from a bunch of professional coaches?

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6 Strange Ways to Make Money Online

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