E3 2010: Games to be banned in Australia?

This year's E3 showcased some pretty violent video games -- but will any of them see light of day in Australia?

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Developer: Namco Bandai Publisher: Namco Bandai

While the OFLC has occasionally been lenient when depictions of gore are diluted by a fantastical context, we think Splatterhouse may have overdosed on the blood and guts factor.

The game is a re-imagining of the 1980s cult classic with the main character, Rick, fighting monsters to rescue his girlfriend. This time around, Rick looks pumped with steroids and is more brutal than ever. When be ploughs through the hordes of demonic humanoids, the floors, walls and even the screen are splattered with gratuitous amounts of blood.

Unashamedly, we squealed with delight at the amount of gore in the game, but we fear the Australian Classification Board will be sqeualing for a different reason. Although the cell shaded graphics have a cartoony feel, the game might need a bit of toning down before it is submitted for classification (just look what happened to Left 4 Dead, for instance). The fact the main character looks a bit like Jason Vorheeves can't help its chances either.

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E3 2010: Games to be banned in Australia?

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