20 tech habits to improve your life

A few new habits can make the difference between staying on task, finding what you need, and getting things done--or having a tech meltdown.

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4. Lose Weight, Get Fit, Save Money, and Increase Your Mileage Online

A new crop of social self-improvement sites help you monitor how much you've eaten, exercised, and spent, to motivate you and keep you on track.

Web services such as [[xref:http://www.fitday.com/|FitDay|FitDay]] and [[xref:http://www.weightwatchers.com/index.aspx|Weight Watchers|Weight Watchers]] log and guide your diet and fitness regimen.

If Quicken or Microsoft Money has become too complicated to update, you can track your spending, balance your checkbook, and run charts on expenditures versus income at personal-finance sites [[xref:http://www.mint.com/|Mint.com|Mint.com]] and [[xref:http://www.wesabe.com/|Wesabe|Wesabe]].

As for your car, [[xref:http://www.pcworld.com/article/148710/gas_crisis_fuels_dubious_online_offers.html|avoid online gas scams|Gas Crisis Fuels Dubious Online Offers]]. Additionally, you can squeeze the last bit of mileage out of every expensive tank of gas with a miles-per-gallon tracker like [[xref:http://www.fuelly.com/|Fuelly|Fuelly]] or [[xref:http://mymilemarker.com/|MyMileMarker|MyMileMarker]]. Entering your information into such sites gets you personalized suggestions, comparisons, and a community of like-minded people who can offer support and suggestions.

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