The most underrated video games of this generation

17 current-gen video games that should have been bigger hits

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[[artnid:275251|Killzone 2]] (PS3)

Let's face it: Killzone 2 was never going to get a fair shake from the gaming community. It all started at E3 2005, when Killzone 2's debut trailer [[xref:|caused a storm of scepticism |E3 2005: The Mystery of Killzone -- IGN]] to erupt across the blogosphere. In short, Sony was accused of passing off pre-rendered PC graphics as in-game PS3 footage. People were apoplectic.

At the time, Sony bashing was fresh in vogue, and Killzone 2's ‘fake trailer’ provided the perfect scapegoat. To put it bluntly, if Ken Kutaragi had stripped down and done a wizz on stage, we doubt it could have caused more controversy. In any event, people's faith in the franchise was irredeemably shaken — and the original [[xref:|wasn’t even that great to begin with]]. After E3 ’05, practically everybody outside Sony’s fanbase wanted to see the game fall flat on its metallic arse.

By the time Killzone 2 limped into storefronts, most people had stopped caring. What was once touted as “the ultimate Halo-killer” was now being dismissed as “just another FPS”. While Killzone 2 did okay commercially, [[xref:|its sales were eclipsed by Halo 3]] — and even the much-maligned Halo: ODST. To add insult to injury, few publications saw fit to include it on their Game of the Year list. Now we’re not saying Killzone 2 is a Halo-killer — whatever that means — but it’s certainly a lot better than most people give it credit for. Also, the Hellghast are just about the coolest video game villains ever. Those guys eat Spartans for breakfast.

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