Camping tech: Outdoor gadget excess

Even geeks and gadget fans go outside once in a while. This innovative gear will make you the envy of other campers while you're enjoying the great outdoors.

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Glastonbury Solar Concept Tent

No one can buy it yet, but we can't wait for the ideas in this [[xref:|concept tent|Orange pitches Glastonbury Solar Concept Tent]], first discussed at the [[xref:|2009 Glastonbury Festival|2009 Glastonbury Festival]], to become reality. Working with the idea that specially coated solar threads may soon be woven into fabric, this tent would have three glide sections of that material. Campers could move the sections to follow the sun to capture solar energy.

That energy could be employed to identify the tent using either an SMS message or RFID technology; both would trigger a distinctive glow in the tent. The designers also envision a flexible, touchscreen LCD screen in the tent, plus a wireless charging pouch for mobile phones and other devices.

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Camping tech: Outdoor gadget excess

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