A history of zombies in video games

We've put together the following timeline that examines the most important titles depicting zombies from the last 25 years

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1996: Resident Evil

The Rise of Zombie Games

Capcom's tremendously influential [[xref:http://www.gamepro.com/games/psx/103928/resident-evil/|Resident Evil|Resident Evil]] releases on the original Sony PlayStation. Game Director Shinji Mikami sets out to create a game in the vein of Capcom's horror-themed RPG from 1989, [[xref:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweet_Home_%28video_game%29|Sweet Home|Sweet Home]]. Besides taking place in an old mansion crawling with creatures, the games share little in common. In Resident Evil, Raccoon City's STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) investigates reports of cannibalism and the disappearance of Bravo Team. During the next 14 years after its release, Resident Evil becomes one of the biggest horror franchises of all time with 16 games and expanding into films, comics, novels, and action figures.

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A history of zombies in video games

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