Top 10 funniest Internet memes

Without such memes as Double Rainbow, Crasher Squirrel, and Star Wars Kid, the Internet just wouldn't be as much fun.

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The ever-aloof house cat loves its human companion on its own terms--and its sometimes exasperating indifference may actually be part of its appeal. But how to explain the allure of lolcats, an Internet meme in which feline fans post grammatically incorrect captions for cute cat pics and videos? Some Web historians attribute lolcat's origins to [[xref:|I Can Has Cheezburger?|I Can Has Cheezburger?]], a loopy site for kitty-caption fans that debuted in 2007. But whatever its origins, the lolcat phenomenon shows [[xref:|no signs of letting up|I Can Has Cheezburger?]], and images of other charismatic critters have become caption fodder too. Whut'surfunneecapshun? Mee-ow.

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Top 10 funniest Internet memes

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