Top 10 funniest Internet memes

Without such memes as Double Rainbow, Crasher Squirrel, and Star Wars Kid, the Internet just wouldn't be as much fun.

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Literal Music Video

Symbolism, bah! If you've ever felt that a song's lyrics should match its music video's visuals--artistic ambiguity be damned--literal videos are for you. These pop parodies retain the video's visuals but replace the original lyrics with intentionally clunky lines that describe the action or editing to a tee. Still confused? Well, literal videos have subtitles, too. Two popular examples are a reworking of A-Ha's artsy 1985 hit "[[xref:|Take On Me|Take On Me]]," and a literal take on Bonnie Tyler's moody "[[xref:|Total Eclipse of the Heart|Total Eclipse of the Heart]]." After reading lines like, "You know you like it that I'm flirting with you," how could you miss a thing?

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Top 10 funniest Internet memes

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