Sony's 10 greatest tech flops

Sony has had many successes, but not everything hits it big. Here are some products that didn't quite make it.

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Sony e-Villa

In 2001, many companies were betting on Internet appliances -- dedicated terminals for accessing the Internet and browsing the Web. Sony's eVilla was just such a product. With a built-in 15-inch CRT monitor and a 56-kbps dial-up modem, it was designed to provide access to e-mail and to the Web. But it launched just as many competitors were giving up on the market and as many consumers were deciding to buy new PCs for Windows XP. Less than three months after the product went on sale, Sony pulled the eVilla.

Original story: [[xref:|Sony Launches EVilla (Not a Net Appliance)|Sony Launches EVilla (Not a Net Appliance) - PCWorld]], June 14, 2001.

Original story: [[xref:|Sony Drops EVilla After Two Months|Sony Drops EVilla After Two Months - PCWorld]], August 31, 2001.

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Sony's 10 greatest tech flops

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