Ten great games with terrible storylines

Nice video game, shame about the plot...

Ten great games with terrible storylines next


Great video games with terrible storylines

Alfred Hitchcock once said that to make a great film, you need three things: "the script, the script and the script."

Unfortunately, the video games industry has failed to take this sentiment to heart. We've lost count the amount of times we’ve been immersed in a single-player campaign, only to have the atmosphere ruined by ropey dialogue, unexplained plot holes or [[xref:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deus_ex_machina|deus ex machina]] that pop out of nowhere. Clichés also abound, with the same tired old genre tropes cropping up again and again (and again).

Ironically, if the average video game was a movie, it would be written and directed by Uwe Boll.

In the following slideshow, we take a look at some universally loved video games that didn't quite deliver on the story front. While they remain great games in their own right, a little spit-and-polish on the script could've turned them into something truly special...

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Ten great games with terrible storylines

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