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Check out the some of the best online shopping Web sites on offer including eBay, Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Think Geek and more

  • With the holidays and Christmas just around the corner a lot of us are dreading the inevitable shopping madness. Surviving the long queues, screaming children and frantic shoppers is one thing, while being able to find the right gift at the right price is another problem. Buying online can and will take the pain out of the frenzy that is modern day Christmas shopping. We've rounded up some worthwhile online shopping sites that are full of great bargains. If you're planning on getting Christmas presents on-line, now is the time to do it – take into consideration how long it will take the parcel to arrive and that the postal system will probably be overwhelmed with packages. Happy shopping! [[xref:|eBay|]] can be one of your best friends in terms of finding exactly what you want and at a great price too! When purchasing from [[xref:|eBay|eBay]], you have several options available: bid with other buyers for an item, buy it now (which allows the buyer to snap up their item without getting into a bidding war) and best offer (which lets you 'haggle' with the seller for a compromise price.

  • [[xref:||]] offers free classifieds to members and is a great site for finding a bargain from a seller who might be moving house and doesn't have room for their fancy leather couch and is selling it at a rock bottom price!

  • If you hate trying to find one book in a huge bookstore then check out [[xref:||]]. provides international shipping not only for books but also DVDs, CDs. Unfortunately, other items can only be shipped to addresses within the United States.

  • [[xref:||]] offers great deals on fashion, electrical and home décor. With the Australian dollar so strong at the moment you’ll be able to grab some amazing bargains — especially since the US is headed into winter so summer items will be on sale!

  • [[xref:||]] hosts daily deals where you can find incredibly cheap gifts and have them delivered to your door!

  • If you’re looking for a gift with substance and character then you simply must check out [[xref:|Etsy|]]. Etsy's mission is “to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers”. You can find beautiful one-off items that are actually made by the person selling them. Go Etsy!

  • [[xref:||]] is the site you need to check out for unique and awesome T-shirts! Designers submit their T-shirt designs and the best ones are made into actual shirts that people from all over the world can buy. There are so many shirts to chose from you’re bound to find one that matches the personality of the person you’re buying gifts for!

  • [[xref:||]] is similar to designers submit their artwork and people can buy that artwork in various forms ranging from cards to t-shirts, stickers and framed prints, calendars, canvases and posters. The best part is that the artist gets a cut of the sale!

  • [[xref:||]] offers some great deals on consumer electronics and appliances from the world’s leading brands at competitive prices.

  • [[xref:|B&H Photo|]] is the site to check out for all things photo, video, pro audio and digital imaging related.

  • [[xref:|Craigslist|Craigslist]], although incredibly dull to look at can host some excellent bargains.

  • [[xref:||]] is an Australian auction site that has a diverse and huge selection of consumer, industrial and commercial goods.

  • [[xref:||]] is the site you need to visit if you want to impress your geeky friends this Christmas

  • [[xref:||]] is an online stationary shop. Established in 2006, it “was developed from a desire to supply beautiful stationery you will want to, and can use everyday”. Free deliveries within Australia for orders over $65

  • [[xref:||]], “ is a handmade online buying and selling destination, which showcases Australia’s most creative, undiscovered art, design & craft talent.” Similar to, you can pick up some beautiful one-off pieces of handmade arts and crafts.

  • [[xref:|The|]] is a great online bookstore. Why? You ask, well what makes Bookdepository so great is that they offer free delivery worldwide on all their books and even though they are UK based business, they kindly display pricing in Aussie currency.

  • [[xref:||]] is a great site for all your skateboarding needs. With a strong Aussie dollar you can grab some bargains.

  • Can’t find what you’re looking for on CCS, then give [[xref:||]] a go so you can find your ultimate steez.

  • [[xref:||]] to date has 36,324,939,962 customisable products ranging from coffee cups and posters to T-shirts, skateboards, office supplies, postcards, shoes and much more! You can even support causes like the [[xref:|West Memphis Three by purchasing a shirt from their Zazzle|West Memphis Three]] shop; all proceeds go towards legal fees etc.

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