The 32 Best Xbox 360 Games

GamePro has sorted through hundreds of titles to bring you 32 of the best Xbox 360 games that we've seen on the console so far

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6 [[xref:|Assassin's Creed 2|Assassin's Creed 2]]

Old Italy looks fantastic in Assassin's Creed 2, and the world is basically a huge jungle gym for main character Ezio, the descendant of the previous game's Altair. Ezio fares just as well as his forefather, thanks to new gameplay elements that allow him to swim, steal an enemy's weapon, and execute flashy moves such as a double-handed face-stab. Assassin's Creed II even gives you alternate ways to maintain a low profile by hiring townsfolk to provide timely distractions and bribing city officials. No matter how you play, Ubisoft Montreal's open world has a lot hidden under the surface, and Assassin's Creed 2 definitely conceals a refreshing take on the video game sandbox

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