The 24 Best PS3 Games

A comprehensive look at 24 of the greatest video games available on Sony's PlayStation 3

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11 [[xref:|Heavy Rain|Heavy Rain]]

More interactive story than video game, Heavy Rain is a groundbreaking title from developer Quantic Dream that makes a strong argument for video games being the new standard in interactive fiction. Along with Quick Time Events and context sensitive sequences, Heavy Rain also makes frequent use of the PlayStation 3's unique Sixaxis control scheme, as players will often have to mimic realistic actions during the game. Whether it's running from an armed assailant or trying to question a suspect, Heavy Rain's constantly-branching chains of events ensure that playing through the story will usually result in vastly different endings. Aside from the gameplay aspect, Heavy Rain also pushes the graphical envelope, with high-tech rendering and motion capture used to portray the cast of Heavy Rain — making the overall experience feel more real than most other PS3 games can claim to be

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