10 ways to get more out of LinkedIn

With more than 80 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has established itself as the premier social networking site for professionals. If you're job searching, looking to broaden your network or hunting for new partnerships, these 10 tips and tricks will propel you toward success.

10 ways to get more out of LinkedIn next


Monitor Who's Viewed Your Profile

On the right side of your homepage, look for a box called "Who's Viewed My Profile." Click that link to see a statistics page that shows who has viewed your profile in the last week, such as "Someone at XYZ company" or "Someone in the Greater Boston Area." You'll only view more-detailed descriptions if you are a [[xref:http://www.cio.com/article/528663|paid LinkedIn member.]]

If you don't want others to see that you've viewed their LinkedIn pages, be sure to change the [[xref:http://www.cio.com/article/523363|corresponding privacy setting.]]

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10 ways to get more out of LinkedIn

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