Apple iPad 2: In pictures

Apple's new iPad 2 in pictures

  • Apple's new [[artnid:378515|iPad 2]] is faster, thinner and lighter than its predecessor, and it is powered by an Apple-designed dual-core processor.

  • The Apple iPad 2 also includes two cameras; one facing the front of the tablet, the other rear-facing. The rear camera records 720p HD video, and takes still photographs. Both cameras can be used with Apple's FaceTime video chat application, which debuted on the iPhone 4.

  • Apple claims the A5 processor doubles the speed of the iPad 2 and makes graphics processing up to nine times faster.

  • The iPad 2 is 33 per cent thinner (8.8mm), weighs 613g, and will come in both black and white models.

  • The iPad 2 is capable of 1080p Full HD HDMI output if you purchase an optional Apple Digital AV Adapter that plugs into the standard Apple dock connector. The speaker grille on the back of the iPad 2 is now larger compared to the original iPad, but the IPS LCD screen with 1024x768 resolution remains the same.

  • Apple also unveiled dedicated PhotoBooth, iMovie, and GarageBand iOS apps for the iPad. The apps will cost US$4.99 each, but Australian pricing has yet to be confirmed.

  • Apple also released a new cover for the iPad 2 called the 'Smart Cover'. Described by Jobs as "not a case," the Smart Cover has a magnetic flap that clips onto the side of the iPad 2, and automatically wakes and puts the iPad 2 to sleep depending on whether it is open or closed.

  • The Smart Cover folds into a stand, and comes in 10 colours, including five in Italian leather.

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