The 10 best games to show off your iPad 2

10 of the best iPad games that can show off the power of Apple's second-generation tablet

The 10 best games to show off your iPad 2 next


The [[artnid:381655|Apple iPad 2]] improves on the original [[artnid:342882|iPad]] with more processing and graphics power, and some nifty features like a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer. The best way to show off these new features is by playing a bunch of fun games — we've put together a list of the top 10 titles to show off your iPad 2. Make anyone with an original iPad jealous, and convince your tablet-less friends to pick one up!

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Real Racing 2 HD: Real Racing 2 is the iPad 2's killer app. It makes excellent use of the gyroscope and accelerometers to simulate a car's steering wheel, and you can set the game up to respond to your tilting as acceleration or braking. It also looks great — crisp and clear with detailed textures and a lovingly finished interior on the car we were driving — and has surprisingly realistic physics. We had a great time sliding our car around tight corners and overtaking opponents, and we think you will too.

[[xref:|Find Real Racing 2 here]] on the iTunes App Store.

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The 10 best games to show off your iPad 2

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