Detailed pictures of the new ASUS Lamborghini VX7

A laptop that's designed specifically with Lamborghini car enthusiasts in mind.

  • The left side has a Blu-ray drive and a couple more USB ports. It doesn't have eSATA or FireWire, but not many of us use those ports anyway.

  • With a full HD screen, high-end specifications and luxury sports car looks, the Lamborghini is perfect for power users who want something out of the ordinary and head-turning for LAN parties. Of course, it's also the perfect laptop for a car dealership.

  • The VX7 ships in a classy box that you can see in the background. It has a similar chassis design to the [[artnid:347606|G73]] gaming laptop and it's a much beefier design compared to the [[artnid:336864|VX5]].

  • The model number is printed on the back of the unit just above the battery compartment.

  • The ASUS Lamborghini VX7 isn't a run-of-the-mill laptop: it's designed for car enthusiasts. Specifically, Lamborghini enthusiasts. It sports many details that are meant to replicate the look and feel of the exotic car and while it may look gaudy to some, there's no doubt that many people will also appreciate its inspired design.

    Full review: [[artnid:394493|ASUS Lamborghini VX7]].

  • The battery is a block that sits in the rear and it supplies the laptop with a couple of hours of life away from an outlet.

  • Here is a close-up of the exhaust vent.

  • The right side has audio ports, USB ports (one is USB 3.0), HDMI, VGA, Gigabit Ethernet and the power port.

  • The palm rest is stitched leather and it feels quite nice to use.

  • It also has the detail of an air intake, but it's purely for show.

  • The rear is where most of the action takes place when it comes to the design.

  • Without question the most boring part of this notebook is its underside.

  • You don't just boot up a laptop like this one, you start its engine! It even makes a revving noise as it starts, which is cute. On the inside, the engine room consists of an Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU, with four cores plus Hyper-Threading. You also get an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M graphics adapter; two 750GB, 7200rpm Seagate Momentus hard drives and a jaw-dropping 16GB of DDR3 SDRAM.

  • The keyboard is backlit and you can adjust its brightness in three levels, which we like.

  • It has tail lights (although we haven't been able to get them to light up) sitting above the exhaust fan vents.

  • And here it is, the lovely Lamborghini logo. It sits proudly at the top of the lid for all to see.

  • Some more branding is present just above the keyboard.

  • The touchpad sits in between the leather palmrests and it feels smooth and responsive.

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