Samsung Galaxy Note: Unboxing and hands-on

We unbox the Samsung Galaxy Note, a 5.3in beast that's part smartphone, part tablet

  • Samsung has boldly released the [[artnid:401248|Galaxy Note Android phone]]. Its intended to create another category of device, this time in between in the smartphone and tablet. We've managed to get our hands-on this beast [[artnid:405651|before it officially launches in Australia]], so let's unbox it!

    Samsung Galaxy Note: bringing the stylus back!

  • The Galaxy Note in all of its glory. It's a monster.

  • The packaging is very Apple-esque.

  • Inside the box.

  • The Galaxy Note package includes the phone (obviously), a standard micro-USB cable, an AC adapter, headphones with inline volume control, extra ear tips and all the relevant warranty documents. Keep in mind that the model pictured here is a European one, hence it includes a European charger.

  • The Galaxy Note itself may be a behemoth, but the AC charger is very compact.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Note in hand. Yes, it's huge. The S-Pen (Samsung doesn't like calling it a stylus) slides out from the bottom as pictured.

  • The back of the Galaxy Note with its battery cover removed. It uses a standard sized SIM card and has a slot for a microSD card.

  • The back of the Galaxy Note with the battery inserted.

  • Turning it on for the first time.

  • The Galaxy Note is very large, but its thin and light considering its size.

  • To give you a better idea of the Galaxy Note's footprint, we lined it up against some of its rivals. Pictured L to R: Samsung Galaxy Note, Motorola RAZR, HTC HD7, Nokia N9, HTC Rhyme, Apple iPhone 4.

  • This picture best shows how thin the Galaxy Note is.

  • First impressions of the S-Pen: impressive. It's pressure sensitive, comfortable to hold and pretty responsive. We wish it was a bit longer, though.

  • It's also surprisingly easy to write on.

  • You get the picture. We'll have a full review of the Galaxy Note in the coming week. In the meantime, if you have any pressing questions about the phone, let us know by clicking "Ask a question" in our [[artnid:401248|Samsung Galaxy Note preview]] or leaving a comment below the article.

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