In pictures: Mass Effect 3 preview party with awesome cosplay pictures

Devoted fans showed up to the preview party in Sydney dressed as their beloved Mass Effect 3 characters.

  • A Tyrion-sized SSV Normandy.

  • More femshep action.

  • Music before Robyn Theberge gave her speech.

  • Happy family - Cosplayers with Mass Effect 3's associate producer from BioWare, Robyn Theberge.

  • Before the community session was due to begin, a small crowd had already formed outside. Clearly the Mass Effect series has many devoted fans.

    The award-winning action RPG, developed by BioWare, has garnered a loyal following since the first game was released all the way back in 2007.

    For the uninitiated, the series revolves around the main character, Shephard, who can be a male or female depending on player preference.

    He or she is a veteran space soldier who captains the SSV Normandy.

    Mass Effect is a complex series with an engaging storyline and loads of action.

  • But I doubt any of them cared much for food and beverage when they can play the Mass Effect 3 demo.

  • On Wednesday, EA hosted a Mass Effect 3 exclusive preview party in Sydney's trendy Soho bar.

  • A ridiculously good-looking female Shephard (dubbed femshep) was spotted early on in the night.

    And yes, she was paid to be there.

    But but some fans showed up in very elaborate Mass Effect cosplay that looked impressive albeit uncomfortable. Now that's devotion. (You can see them later in the slideshow)

  • Inside, EA provided drinks and food for attendees.

  • Mass Effect 3 preview party.

  • Mass Effect 3's Take Back Earth trailer. It was absolutely riveting. I will be uploading it on the PC World website very soon. Stay tuned.

  • Cosplayers posed with attendees.

  • More hot femshep pictures. I promise I wasn't stalking her...

  • Guests mingling.

  • Garrus and femshep discussing battle strategies... I think.

  • People were enthralled with the Mass Effect 3 extended demo.

  • As promised, pictures of fan cosplay: A male shep, a femshep and a pretty impressive Garrus.

    Sadly, there was Liara but I guess it takes real dedication to pain your face blue and prance around in an enclosed area.

  • The Mass Effect Associate producer lists a number of exciting details about the new game.

  • Impressive details for the shoes as well although I don't think hot femshep's footwear is very combat friendly...

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