In Pictures: The all-time best-selling iPhone apps (so far)

Angry Birds is obviously on top, but what about the rest?

  • Words With Friends Developer: Zynga Price: $2.99 This game plays like Scrabble but adds a more social aspect to it by letting you connect with friends online and share your scores through social networking sites. The app even lets you play up to 20 – yes, 20 – games at once if you’re really good at multitasking.

  • Fruit Ninja Developer: Halfbrick Studios Price: $0.99 Imagine that you spend four years in Ninja College learning the art of stealth and deadly combat, only to graduate and discover that you can only find work as a high-powered prep cook. And yet this is the precise fate that the ninjas in “Fruit Ninja” are confined to, even though they seem to be having a pretty good time slicing and dicing watermelons, oranges, pineapples and whatever other kind of fruit you can imagine. This is truly one of the classics of the iPhone gaming genre.

  • Doodle Jump Developer: Lima Sky Price: $0.99 Doodle Jump follows the adventures of (ready for it?) Doodle the Doodler, whose sole goal in life is to jump to the top of your iPhone screen. Along the way, of course, he’ll face several obstacles on his climb to the top and he’ll have to perform a wide variety of tasks that the game says includes “picking up jet packs, avoiding black holes, and blasting baddies with nose balls.” Uhm, sure. Don’t ask. Just play.

  • After 25 billion downloads, here are the ten best sellers Apple announced this week that its App Store has served up 25 billion downloads, a remarkable amount for an online retailer that has existed for just under four years. To celebrate this milestone, Apple has also released lists of the top all-time paid and free iPhone and iPad apps. In this slideshow, we’ll go over the top all-time paid iPhone apps to give you a sense of just what has motivated iPhone users to plunk down heard-earned cash over the past four years (hint: lots of games!)

  • The Moron Test Developer: DistinctDev., Inc. Price: $0.99 The Moron Test is a humiliating example of how easily people make stupid mistakes when they’re pressed for time and have to deal with deceptive uses of images and languages. For instance, in one game you may be presented with a green button that says “Continue” even though the instructions tell you not to press the button. If you go with your natural instinct and just press the button, well, you lose.

  • Cut the Rope Developer: Chillingo Ltd. Price: $0.99 And now we’re getting into the truly nonsensical and silly games that are somehow incredibly addictive. The premise of “Cut the Rope” is simple: There is some candy that is tied to a rope. You must cut this rope to feed it to the adorable little monster who waits patiently below, all the while keeping it away from spiders, bees and other creatures that have their eyes on the candy. Oh, and the monster’s name is “Om Nom.” There’s no way you can resist something that adorable, now, is there?

  • Plants vs. Zombies Developer: PopCap Games, Inc. Price: $2.99 Ah, if only the cast from “The Walking Dead” had these special zombie-killing plants at their disposal. “Plants vs. Zombies” is sort of like a game of checkers were you position your guardian plants on one side of the board to block the zombies advancing from the other side. There are many different kinds of zombies that will employ different strategies such as launching themselves over your lawn or trying to swim around it in your pool, so you have to use your braaaaaaaaaiiiiiins a lot more than against typical zombies.

  • Pocket God Developer: Bolt Creative Price: $0.99 Here’s a nifty game for sadists who enjoy lording unlimited power over their fellow human beings (in a virtualized environment, thankfully). In “Pocket God,” you get to rule over a group of islanders who worship you despite the fact that you can strike them with lightning, send dinosaurs to eat them and force them to flee their homes in the wake of a menacing volcano eruption. And for the record, yes the game does include sharks with laser beams attached to their foreheads. What more could an evil dictator want?

  • Angry Birds Developer: Rovio Price: $0.99 What else is there to be said about “Angry Birds,” which has quickly become the “Tetris” of iPhone games? The folks over at Rovio probably had no idea that a game about birds getting slung-shot into fortresses filled with evil green pigs would somehow make them millionaires, but that’s the nature of the world today. The ever-popular game has spawned successful sequels as well, including “Angry Birds Seasons” and “Angry Birds Rio.”

  • Tiny Wings Developer: Andreas Illiger Price: $0.99 Tiny Wings is yet another game featuring birds that can’t fly unless they are somehow launched. But instead of being launched from slingshots a la “Angry Birds,” the plucky little critter in “Tiny Wings” gets launched from rolling up and down hills. The game is notable for its nifty “Super Mario Brothers”-style settings filled with multicolored hills that resemble the tops of mushrooms.

  • Camera+ Developer: tap, tap, tap Price: $0.99 Camera+ is designed to ensure you’re never disappointed with your phone’s camera pictures again. The app gives you several key photo-editing features that let you use your iPhone’s LED flashlight as an additional camera flash, that give you the option to impose steady camera functionality to eliminate blurring, that let you zoom in up to six times and more! At just $0.99, this is a bargain for a camera phone editor.

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