IN PICTURES: Did the six most overhyped games of 2011 deliver?

We look at what we predicted to be six of 2011's biggest potential gaming disappointments and whether our predictions came true or not

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[[xref:|What we said| Six overhyped 2011 games that probably won't deliver]]:: “It's got a distinguished predecessor in Duke Nukem 3D (that's not to mention the original platformers), and we've been waiting, oh, fifteen years now? Nothing can be as good as Duke will have to be to please everyone after such a long delay.”

What others said: Despite developer 3D Realms going into administration, renowned developer Gearbox pulled Duke Nukem Forever out of the ashes and published it in June 2011. Unfortunately, the game was unanimously met with a bad reviews and consumer reception on its release. While there were some interesting touches in some parts of the game, the poor graphics, long load times and uninspired gameplay meant that the game ultimately disappointed. The average Metacritic score for the game on all three platforms ranged between 49 to 54 per cent, and user score ranged from 4.3 to 5.8.

Our final verdict: While we tried to approach the game with an open mind, Duke Nukem Forever was a really bad game overall. While many people were quick to point that the game suffered from 3D Realms’ mismanagement of the game, any hopes that the Gearbox developed DLC for the game, Duke Nukem Forever: The Doctor Who Cloned Me would be better turned out to be misguided. It was just as bad, if not worse, than the actual game, causing us to speculate whether Duke Nukem Forever is a broken product through and through.

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IN PICTURES: Did the six most overhyped games of 2011 deliver?

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