In Pictures: Groovy 1970s consumer tech

The 1970s played host to an explosion in consumer electronics gadgets that changed how we educate, entertain, calculate, and communicate.

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CB Radios

History's largest boom in Citizens' Band radio use originated with the 1973 oil crisis. In response to a nationwide oil shortage, the United States government instituted a national 55-mph speed limit to force drivers to conserve fuel. Commercial truck drivers began using CB radio to report speed traps to other truckers. Such behavior created a rebellious image that captivated the media, and soon CB radio started playing a part in major Hollywood films. By the end of the 1970s, ordinary drivers were installing CB radios in their cars and even using the band to chat with radio friends from home. A typical CB radio like the one shown here cost about $150 in 1977 (equivalent to about $561 today).

Credit: Sears

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In Pictures: Groovy 1970s consumer tech

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