In pictures: Mondo datacentres

Think you have to manage a lot of IT gear? These massive facilities - each at least 100,000 square feet and most much larger than that - house thousands of servers and process millions of documents, images and videos every day.

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Facebook - Pineville, Ore.

Reportedly running at only half capacity, this massive data center covering 300,000 square feet is at the heart of Facebook’s processing needs. The mechanical cooling system uses 100% rainwater. Servers are tuned to run hotter and use 38% less energy than the servers used in Facebook’s previous data centers.

A solar power station generates 204,000 kilowatts per year -- enough to run the offices located near the data center. Energy loss conversion rates -- how much energy is lost when converting energy from the grid to run the actual data center equipment -- usually ranges between 21% and 27% for most data centers, but Pineville conversions run at 7.5%.

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In pictures: Mondo datacentres

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