IN PICTURES: Death visits THQ in Sydney

Game publishers holds stunt infused event to celebrate Darksiders II release

  • THQ held a media event in Sydney to enable the press to trial Darksiders II and come face to face with the game’s leading character; Death (pictured)

  • The event was held inside a film studio

  • A banner on the floor

  • Attendees playing Darksiders II

  • A stunt expert (left) instructs a participant (right)

  • Preparing to set the tennis ball on fire

  • Flame is added

  • The ball is on fire

  • With the help of a glove, the ball was then thrown

  • Stunts taking place

  • Stunts taking place

  • The misty environment

  • Stunt maneuvers being demonstrated

  • Stunt maneuvers being demonstrated

  • A screening of the new Southpark game was held

  • Darksiders II played by attendees

  • A Southpark poster

  • WWE 13 played by attendees

  • A WWE poster

  • Darksiders II played by attendees

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