In Pictures: 10 to-do apps for Android and iOS

These 10 task managers for Android and iOS can help keep your to-do list reasonable and achievable.

  • Any.DO Any.DO sports a bright, airy blue and white design that emphasizes white space and large, readable fonts. Its overall look is easy on the eyes and very suitable for smartphone use. (OS shown: Android)

  • Astrid (Android) Astrid includes two buttons below its main screen labeled "Who" and "When" -- the first lets you choose people from your contacts to assign to the task (and allows them to collaborate with you on it), and the second lets you designate a deadline. (OS shown: Android)

  • Checkmark Checkmark is an interesting implementation of the task list, with a heavy focus on organizing your tasks based on where they need to be performed. (OS shown: iOS)

  • GTasks GTasks is actually an unofficial front-end for Google Tasks; like Google Tasks, it lets you work with different task lists. You enter new tasks by filling out virtual note cards. (OS shown: Android)

  • Remember the Milk Remember the Milk (RTM) is a popular task manager that includes a wide variety of features, including the ability to set due dates, prioritize, sort by customizable lists and add reoccurring events. (OS shown: iOS)

  • Reminders Apple's Reminders is the built-in task manager for iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch, and stands out from the other task managers in its integration with Siri on the iPhone 4S. Say, "Add toothpaste to my Stuff to Buy list" and Siri will add it into Reminders. (OS shown: iOS)

  • Schedule Planner Pro Schedule Planner Pro is aimed at those who like their time tracking data color-coded and charted out. The main areas of interaction are all modeled after a paper-based ledger/calendar, and tappable areas are clearly defined. (OS shown: iOS)

  • Smart Time Smart Time's Smart View screen categorizes tasks and events into two differently sized: Events are displayed as long bars while tasks are half the size. (OS shown: iOS)

  • Taskos In Taskos, tapping on a task summons a toolbar below that you use to set the task's priority, the category you want to put it under (Home, Work, etc.), its deadline and a sound alert. (OS shown: Android)

  • Wunderlist Wunderlist goes for a slightly different approach to task lists: You first create a new list (group); then you tap the list's title to be taken to another screen where you can add tasks to it by inputting text into an entry box. (OS shown: Android)

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