In Pictures: 10 offbeat gifts for the Facebook obsessed

From tombstones to oven mitts, here's a collection of gifts suitable for the most devout Facebook aficionados. What’s not to ‘Like?’

  • 1. The Social Shower Curtain Here's one way to show your Facebook pride in the bathroom—a Facebook profile shower curtain from Spinning Hat. According to the description, the shower curtain features a transparent section "so you can create a profile whilst scrubbing away." This product retails for $24 and ships out of the U.K.

  • 2. The Facebook Oven Glove Here's one way to let your dinner guests know you "like" cooking: The "I Like Your Kitchen Glove" oven mitt. Made in Italy, it retails for $29 and ships for free internationally. According to its website, the manufacturers are also testing a "titanium fabric with an incredible thermal insulation perfect for high temperatures, but slightly less dexterity." How can you resist that?

  • 3. Mark Zuckerberg Comic Book Facebook's rise from small college social network to international phenomenon was chronicled in the 2010 Oscar-winning movie "The Social Network." One lesser-known interpretation of Mark Zuckerberg's rise to fame: a 48-page comic book called "Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of Facebook," from Bluewater Productions. The comic book, which is described as a "fascinating story" written by freelance journalist Jeroma Maida, retails for $6.99 at comic book stores near you. No word if a post-IPO sequel is in the works.

  • 4. Facebook Pet ID Tags Facebook started cracking down on pet profiles, but that doesn't mean your cat or dog needs to be devoid of Facebook. These pet ID tags measure 1-inch round or square and are customizable with your pet's name, phone number, color, charm and font. They sell for $13 on Etsy.

  • 5. Facebook Inspired Shoes If Facebook designed a pair of shoes, they'd look like these. Named the "Adidas Facebook Superstars," this prototype was designed by a British man to coincide with the limited edition Superstar trainers that Adidas manufactured in 2006. The shoes feature Facebook's trademark blue and white coloring and the company's mission statement on the inside of the shoe.

  • 6. Social Sticky Notes Bring your virtual habits to the real world with these "Social Sticky Notes." This memo pad is designed to look like a Facebook wall post or message, with "Message to," "Posted at" and "Write something" sections. These sticky notes retail for $4 and ship out of the U.K.

  • 7. E-Tomb How do you keep a loved one's memories alive? Here's an...unusual...idea: a social media tombstone. The E-Tomb comes equipped with solar panels and Bluetooth, and can store updates from sites such as the deceased's blog and Facebook page, in addition to photos and videos. According to its page, "E-Tomb has been designed for people in the information age to provide a more emotional form of tomb."

  • 8. "Like" Wine Glasses Who doesn't "Like" a glass of wine? This set of four stemless wine glasses is for true Facebook aficionados and retails for $80.

  • 9. The Facebook Bed If you often dream of status updates and wall posts, the "FBed" may be for you. The bed is described as a "conceptual, multipractical bed design" for the Facebook-obsessed. Designed for both sleeping and social networking, the bed lets you "hop in front of your screen directly from your bed when you wake up."

  • 10. "Like" Stickers If you feel the need to brand the world with everything you like, these vinyl stickers will do the trick. The Facebook "Like" stickers are sold in packages of 130 in varying sizes for $14.

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