In Pictures: 6 Apple iPad mini concepts

Designers and others take their best guesses at what Apple might have up its sleeve with smaller iPad tablet

  • With the iPhone 5 news out of the way, all eyes and ears are on the expected Apple iPad mini tablet, a smaller version of Apple's popular iPad. The basic expectations are that the device, which would compete with offerings such as the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7, will boast a 7.85-inch screen, slimmer side bezels and front/rear cameras. One Wall Street firm is projecting 9 million units will be sold by year-end, and the latest scuttlebutt is that the device is in mass production already in Asia. Here's what those who can't wait for the real thing think it will look like (or should look like).

  • A firm called Ciccaresedesign this past spring showed its renderings of what the iPad mini might look like, with comparisons to a full-size iPad and an iPhone.

  • This concept from artist Luis Fonseca suggests a slide-out keyboard and 12-megapixel 1080p camera for the iPad mini (or iPad 4).

  • Martin Hajek's 3D renderings of the iPad mini include black and white models, with Hajek writing that he'd love a black one if Apple makes them.

  • 9to5Mac cobbled together this iPad mini mockup based on assorted leaked images of parts and leaked information about the expected Apple tablet. Among other things, 9to5Mac suggests the iPad mini could feature thin side bezels like an iPod touch.

  • The real deal? A French website called says these leaked images of the real iPad mini come from a Chinese blog called DGtle.

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